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We help your website attract more customers, rank higher in Google, and make more money.

We’re Proper Mint at getting brands the results they deserve..


Fed up that Google isn’t ranking your website, and customers can’t find you? Have previous SEO’s not gotten you results?

Our full service National & Local SEO services can help your business. Site auditing, technical and on-page optimisation, content writing and off-site.

We have 12 years experience helping businesses improve rankings, grow traffic and increase revenue through SEO. We’re transparent. We help you understand what we do & why we do it. We’re Proper Mint at SEO, and will get you results

Content Marketing

“Publish high quality content” and “content is king” are 2 things you’ve probably heard of. But why is content important?

Content is what Google ranks and attracts customers to your business website. So it’s important to cover topics that your audience is searching for.

We create proper mint keyword driven content strategies & write optimised content that attracts more customers at all stages of the buying journey. We position your brand as an expert to increase sales and leads.

Social Media Marketing

You have a Facebook profile, but it’s not helping your business. You know you should be on social media. But you don’t know… why?

Social media is where you can reach our audience, acquire new customers and generate more sales and leads for your business.

We work with brands to develop a Social Media Strategy and create Proper Mint social posts that your customers care about and engage with. This content will grow your customer base & web traffic to generate more profit for your business.

Brands Serviced

Our Results

Kill Line Pest Control

We helped Kill Line Pest Control increase organic traffic year on year by over 130%. This traffic increase led to more local customers across their most profitable services, as well as ranking for informational terms on the national level.

We did this by first auditing the website and resolving technical issues that affected the site. Problems with indexing, lack of schema markup, duplicate pages, thin content and a poor internal linking structure. We then carried out keyword research in line with the service areas Kill Line wanted to prioritise.

We revised and optimised existing on page content, created a range of new optimised landing pages, improved internal linking structure, optimised the Google Business Listing and carried out local outreach.

The results led to more local enquiries and customers in the priority service areas for Kill Line Pest Control.


We increased annual revenue for Myprotein by over £1.4million from SEO activity by creating optimised informational content, product review and comparison pieces and creating a discount code section to retain customers who were looking at other brands.

A content marketing strategy was created with the aim to increase rankings and traffic to the protein supplements being sold on site. This content strategy mapped out information topics that would assist customers in understanding why protein supplements were important, what they were used for, and provided reviews and comparisons between the Myprotein brand and competitors.

We analysed terms that the site was already ranking for on page 2, and created optimised content to target those terms, to increase traffic. The content built out covered the buyer journey from early phase search, all the way through to creation of a discount code page to prevent users leaving the site and looking elsewhere.

Meet The Founder – Adam Foster

,Now thennnnnn, my name is Adam! Founder of Proper Mint Marketing.

I’m a Hartlepool lad that has been helping businesses attract more customers by ranking their websites higher in Google, so they can make more money since 2011.

I’m not corporate. I can’t be arsed with bullshitting and blagging.

I want to work with good people & mint businesses, so I can deliver Proper Mint results.

Proper Mint Marketing specialises in

  • SEO Auditing
  • On-page technical optimisation
  • On-page content optimisation
  • Keyword research
  • Content marketing & copy writing
  • Off-site SEO and digital PR
  • Consulting, training & workshops
  • Marketing consultancy

Since 2016 I have created and taught marketing and digital marketing programmes, courses and workshops for Teesside, Sunderland and Northumbria Universities. These courses have helped business owners and decision-makers supercharge their marketing, and grow their business.

I love working with brands to help them understand the bigger picture of marketing, educate them in the process and how we can implement strategies and tactics to grow their business.

I understand you’re not a marketer. But after working with me, you will be able to hold your own in any marketing meeting, and not be blagged.

Proper Mint Marketing is managed by me. We’re an intimate team of skilled people who get shit done.

Let’s turn your website into a sales machine

By optimising your website for Google, publishing keyword driven content and using your social channels to drive traffic, we can turn your website into a Proper Mint profit making machine for your business.

We’ll carry out a free audit of your current performance, benchmark you against competitors and forecast to see what more traffic to your website will translate to in terms of revenue to your business.

Chatting is free so get in touch today to see how I can help. (I’m not a sales person, I swear!)